Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Enyu's Birthday

Celebrating Enyu's Birthday in MOS~
Everyone was there which makes the whole clubbing a blast ^^
Like the alcohol~ like the place~like the music~like the dance =)
Overall is better than the club I went last time >< which is Maison. Because, no smoke~ haha
Everyone was having fun during the night ^^
Drink happily and dance like crazy ><
Happy Birthday ENYU!! your wishes to have your birthday at CLUB had finally came true~ haha
Glad to see u so enjoyed yourself that day ahaha~
But honestly, club really kills my wallet... cutting it slimmer and slimmer.. T.T...
Since it is once a while >< it is still okie haha
But overall, the main point is to celebrate and enjoy~ and we did it ^^
Happy and crazy !!

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