Sunday, June 13, 2010

BBQ 50% and Birthday celebration

BBQ plaza !! >< Omg.. addicted to it d.. Here goes.. money lost again..wallet flat again T.T.. who ask the food to be so attractive and delicious~ er.. should be more specific~ haha I like the SAUCE they use ^^ so damn tasty >o<.... haha~ Meanwhile, it was a very good afternoon to have almost everyone eating together. Thank you for coming guys~ haha~ really appreciate it ^^...

Besides that, this was also a surprise burfday celebration to pei ling too~ "Lee" of course haha~ Hope she had a great day ^^.. and sorry for the so called last minute inform~ haha~ Paiseh~  Thanks again for those who make it there~ ^^ haha~ thx guys~ Sorry for those who couldn't make it because of the really late invitation~ sorrie T.T... anyhow~ the celebration is overall a success~ because the birthday girl were laughing from the moment she step into BBQ plaza until the whole party is over~!! haha~ such cheerful person ^^ GlaD to see her like that~ haha~ Hope all your wishes will come true~ especially the money part~ haha >< Good luck to you and Happy Birthday~ 

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