Tuesday, June 22, 2010


People, we should appreciate what others had done for us. Family OR friends.
Sometimes, we just didn't really care or noticed while it is there until we had lost it =)
So beware, appreciate those who are besides. Appreciate while everything is still fine. and if better, make it last forever, be truth to others although some people may not be honest with you.
Be good to others, don't let your anger or sadness drive you =) *this is a tough task*
Bear in mind, although what people act might not be what you wanted or people behave in a way that you doesn't like but still, don't get angry because of that, people are not perfect after all. They have their own mind set as well. haha~
Those who are friend will change for what is right and correct themselves when one is wrong.
haha~ out of topic already..
Er, praise people beside you, make them know that you appreciate what they did and always love them =)
Treat them good ^^
haha~ PEACE.

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