Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How I Step Up With Nuffnang

Flash mob is an evolution of dance~!! Imagine we could all dancing together! It would be so amazing and fun! =)

In my opinion, an amazing flash mob is the combination of:

Various Dance Move + Good Music + Environment.

With these three elements together, I am sure it will create an amazing flash mob.

As I mentioned in the above, environment act as a critical role in flash mob! Therefore, my idea is to use a place where nobody have ever think of~

the POOL !! Yes, you heard me! In a Swimming Pool~

Firstly, as usual, the entire dancers are having fun in the swimming pool like they were normal people swimming and playing in the swimming pool. 

Suddenly a kid in the middle of the pool will start screaming for help (act drown). 

Then lifeguards at the pool will start shouting from far with a hailer “everyone safe that kid!!!!” 

Then the music around the swimming pool started to change into a very tense music and every dancer in the pool started to swim (dive into the water) towards the kid from every direction (it will eventually create a huge and wide circle in the pool). 

After that, when everyone has reach their own position in the water, (gather at the center of the pool like a circle) a person start jumping up from the pool along with the drown kid on his shoulder (at the center of the pool) and then everyone continue jumping out to the surface of the water with their hands up and it eventually creates a round circle wave in a pool. 

After that, the music started to turn from tense to an excited pop music and the crowd started to realise it was a performance. Then some of the dancers start walking out from the pool and perform break dance, hip hop, robotic dance and more outside the pool. 

Then continue with water ballet inside the water, performing swimming ballet leg kicks, floating and turning in the water (synchronized and beautiful dance in water).


Both land and water dance will collaborate together as a team throughout the whole performance. Lastly, the dance will end with the water dancer building a water pyramid by stepping on each member's shoulders to complete a huge pyramid shape in the centre of the pool 

In the meantime, every dancer on the land will jump into the swimming pool and swim in a circle shape around the pyramid. When the music reaches its climax, everyone start to jump out from the water as the pyramid has completed! After that, the person on top will start jumping down from the peak of the pyramid into the water, one by one (from top to bottom)!! and the music ends when the last person has jump into the water. After everything ends, everyone starts splashing water at each other to celebrate and then they continue swimming and spread out around the swimming pool like nothing had happened. =)

I could imagine this to be an incredible performance as no one thinks of combining water and land together as a dance! This may be something new for a flash mob!!! =)

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