Friday, December 23, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

Why I want the iPhone 4S??

I want Iphone 4S because the Iphone 4S is simply AMAZING!!

The SIRI is so cool and I think it will definitely help us on our daily life! Imagine we are able to talk to a machine and they are able to understand what we mean and respond to our needs! This is just so amazing! I never thought that technology could evolve so quickly! If I were lucky enough, I would definitely try out the Iphone 4S in order for me to have the amazing and wonderful moment with SIRI!! =)

Besides that, with the 8 Megapixels and clear video recording, I am able to snap so many good quality photo and record my own music video through Iphone 4S!! =) I would like to post my own video on youtube and be a youtube celebrity!! =) and with the amazing speed on Iphone 4S, I am able to compose my songs through the application GarageBand and this could be so amazing because I am able to speed up the overall music production process =)

As I'm currently using a black and white phone ='(
I really hope I could have my own real experience of using the world's most ADVANCE phone the Iphone 4S!!
Thanks to DIGI as I am now able to stand a chance to pursue my dream of getting the amazing product from the Apple!!

Thank you very much DIGI =)

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